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Step into the dying city of Maratha as mercenary underboss Chief, and join his gang of outlaws in the war for the great bridge against the power brokers trying to reshape the neighbourhood in their own image. This is a dark, grounded, character-driven crime drama chronicling the events of industrialist Dr. Sarkar's reconstruction attempts of the nation's greatest city; exploring the dreams, chaos and mental turmoil created around two broken men with clashing ideologies, brought up on the opposite sides of the bleeding economic divide. It's the story of what it means for them to find the human inside them once again, rediscover who they once were.

A Thug's Ascension is a narrative-driven low-poly action-adventure game set in Maratha City, circa 2022. In this epic, four-hour-long campaign combining dark, sick-washed, breathtaking cinematography with intense first-person shooter gameplay, you explore the appalling setting and the slow-paced, sophisticated plot delivered through a 50,000-word-long script penned by writer-director Adi Chandra.

Under the story of A Thug's Ascension, there is a first-person shooter, offering combat, driving, puzzles and physics-based gameplay. With over twelve weapons and a collection of drivable vehicles, the game provides all sorts of brutal ways to take out your enemies. The environment, with oil cylinders, gas pipes, jerry cans and falling ceiling fans to name a few, is your best weapon. Play through the fifteen intense missions which demand varying styles of gameplay, from trashing elaborate police raids and attacking a mob of marksmen to epic city-wide car chases and blowing up powerful fortresses operated by rival gangs.

Unlock better equipment, find hidden secrets and take on powerful bosses to progress through the linear four-hour story and save your city from oblivion.

A Thug's Ascension coming early 2023 for Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS.


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